The Prenda Group constantly strives to offer additional services and value to our project development clients. The Prenda Group has taken its vast on-the-ground frontline experience and has created a public & government relations team, as well as a community & media relations team, specializing in outreach on behalf of infrastructure, energy, utility, and oil and gas companies and their growth projects across the country. The Prenda Group team can provide clients with strategic boots-on-the-ground service from developing strategic communication plans, working with local state and federal elected officials, coordinating media campaigns, surveying the public, designing print and digital materials, as well as public relations training for internal corporation team participants.



The Prenda Group project development team provides full service public and government relations advocacy which includes comprehensive, knowledge-based advice, liaison services and advocacy. The Prenda Group’s particular strength lies in our vast experience with infrastructure projects across the U.S. and Canada. Our past experience in handling complex, highly visible energy and strategic infrastructure projects as well as building strong successful public relations teams in the field sets The Prenda Group apart from other generic public and government relations firms. Our business is based on knowing your business and your industry, from the local community level to the highest levels of government. The Prenda Group team is known for our deep substantive knowledge and broad experience in the field and knowledge that allows The Prenda Group to develop and implement creative solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. For The Prenda Group, the client is the focus. The philosophy is to provide personalized service and public and government relations advocacy that fits the specific needs of our clients. Our specialization is in the following areas:

    * Assisting in the definition of goals and objectives for infrastructure projects;
    * Developing the right strategies to accomplish desired public and government relations objectives;
    * Advocating for the specific project objectives;
    * Monitoring local trends from past community projects that have developed a ground swell of public opposition; and
    * Setting the goals and strategies in motion.


The Prenda Group excels in assisting clients with developing public and government relations strategies to identify opportunities with the highest probability of success. Our mission is to provide personalized service and public relations advocacy that fits the specific needs of its clients which includes:
    * Community relations
    * Crisis communications planning
    * Message development
    * Media training
    * Spokesperson training
    * Speaking opportunities
    * Press releases and advisories
    * Project siting communications
    * Surveying
    * Letters to the editor /OP-Ed's
    * Counter-NIMBY strategies
    * Corporate Sponsorships

The Prenda Group will immediately develop a thorough understanding of our client's issues, objectives, timelines, supporters, opponents, and all other relevant information. The Prenda Group will participate in strategy, planning and informational meetings with client executives and schedule and participate in community, state and federal elected officials and agency meetings with executives and project team leaders on a regular basis. The Prenda Group communicates to our clients any federal, state, county, municipal and local concerns as well as agency or community concerns, questions, objections and requests and will immediately bring to our clients' attention all matters that could impact the progress of any project initiative. The Prenda Group recognizes the importance of providing timely, accurate information on activities undertaken in the field. These decisions can quickly impact your initiatives and priorities. As such, The Prenda Group is committed to submitting regular reports to our clients on meetings and communications that we take on your behalf, as well as time-sensitive reports on field activities. In this way, we can extend your reach and enhance your success in ways that will achieve a measurable level of success on the ground and not be bogged down in a court room accumulating substantial and unnecessary legal costs. The Prenda Group generates results of which we can both be proud.


Community Relations

The Prenda Group believes it has become imperative for companies to have the best team in the field when presenting major infrastructure projects to the public. For many years, the burden has fallen on internal and consultant service companies who have provided the right-of-way representatives for the project. These right-of- way agents are usually the first to encounter the public on behalf of the infrastructure project. After reviewing past projects and public feedback, it has become apparent that additional public relations services are needed on the ground to assist with the public perception and acceptance of the process. The Prenda Group has created a service which would provide additional assistance to energy companies in the field in response to the need to address the growing concerns of landowners as well as community leaders and public officials. The Prenda Group has established a public relations team of professionals which can assist companies with grassroots and community relations programs.

The Prenda Group would work with corporate engineers, contractors, environmental officers and other relevant parties to ensure that your company achieves its goals. The Prenda Group will work closely with the project's internal public relations and right-of-way team, which is preparing the frontline and face of a project. The Prenda Group will help with meeting preparation and the creation of appropriate materials for all local community meetings, as well as with meetings with all local and state officials. Members of our team have worked with all levels of government and public and private entities, among many other sources, to secure project initiatives. The Prenda Group team has firsthand knowledge of the challenges confronted by companies and can assist them in identifying opposition groups up front and early. The Prenda Group and your corporate team can focus on bringing opposition groups and individuals to the table to produce the best results and, most importantly, assure a successful venture that is not bogged down in anti- project activities.



The Prenda Group thinks outside of the box and provides other services that are non-traditional. One of these unique services is post-construction surveying of landowners in the affected regions of a project to obtain comments and feedback for companies to use internally. This information is very important to companies to assess what goals were met and what might be valued as a 'lessons learned' opportunity for future project endeavors.

This service is highly recommended as an additional tool for companies to use to report back to federal, state and local regulators on their project successes in the field. It can also be utilized to reflect implementation of changes to improve protocols for future projects.

The Prenda Group assists clients with development of specific surveys. In addition, we provide:

    * Follow-up phone interviews
    * On-the-ground videography
    * Collection and statistical analysis of all data, and
    * Complete detailed reporting of all results and conclusions