““Because of our years of service to a wide array of clients throughout the United States, North America and worldwide, The Prenda Group is well equipped to introduce and create a vast network of contacts and opportunities to our clients. When we bring on new clients, we immediately review possible partnering, joint venturing and coalition building opportunities that may present themselves to those clients and to our existing clients.

With our affiliations overseas, business development in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia are just a phone call away and always available to our clients. Our background in various large-scale infrastructure projects in the energy, transportation and in the defense and technology areas make The Prenda Group one stop shopping for client business growth, expansion and success.


The Prenda Group principals have continued to broaden practice areas and continue to expand its energy and infrastructure project development roles. Our team assists with product program initiatives and the promotion of leading edge domestic technologies. The firm also assists industries in their entrance and expansion into worldwide markets.

The Prenda Group principals over their years of advocacy in Washington, D.C. have advanced and assisted with technologies and projects, including:


* Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) projects and leading-edge LNG technology around the globe;

* Automatic License Plate Reader technologies assisting national, state and local law enforcement across the country;

* The promotion and entrance into the U.S. market of surveillance ball camera technology, developed in Israel. The technology is used by the Department of Defense military forces abroad and law enforcement agencies across the country;

* Assisting with the expansion in U.S. military (DOD), Homeland Security, and law enforcement use of various leading-edge Bio Metric technology products in the United States;

* Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline projects across the U.S.

* The promotion of leading edge air traffic control systems for comprehensive air traffic management around the globe.

* The advancement of state-of-the-art alloy production for military aircraft.