The Prenda Group principals have helped secure federal support and federal programming for many projects involving the federal government. The Prenda Group works to ensure that new program and policy initiatives that benefit our clients are considered in legislative initiatives. We also have had great success securing support for research and development and the implementation of emerging technologies that enhance our clients’ business development.

Our advocacy requires intimate knowledge of our clients' issues, operations and objectives and an overall understanding of how best to create opportunities. The Prenda Group helps clients fully understand and maneuver within the vast network of federal agencies and the complex legislative process. Our group will maximize our clients’ visibility by fully involving them in legislative and agency activities through personal and highly active engagement with every level of the federal government.


We are strong believers in knowing your business operations and issues inside and out. We promote field visits, technical briefings and wide-open communications to create an in-depth working knowledge of your business objectives. Our backgrounds promote this type of advocacy and hands on participation.

We promote working as an intricate part of our clients’ internal government relations team. The Prenda Group will provide counsel concerning current and developing government policies and assist in creating strategies to recruit support from members of Congress, along with ways to compete successfully for government action. We offer our clients a broad range of targeted services in the federal arena and provide each client with a customized approach for being competitive. Our team provides clients with timely information and counsel as well as direct representation before federal officials.


The Prenda Group’s team success is having the ability to represent clients in a bipartisan manner in Washington D.C. This is an important balance which allows us to maintain strong relationships with all political affiliations. This bipartisan approach provides avenues to develop and successfully promote unique solutions to client issues.

The Prenda Group truly believes that our clients must be a full participant in the federal government process of creating and shaping policy, whether it be presenting policy positions before an agency or testifying and advocating within the committees of Congress. Our advocacy approach is to put our clients in front of Congressional Members or targeted agency officials.


The Prenda Group principals pride themselves on long-term trusted representation with our clients. The Prenda Group has built long standing representational relationships with clients and large-scale projects such as:

* Promoting and advocating on behalf of an international sand and gravel and maritime delivery expansion project;

* Advocating federally for LNG Shipping and on-board re-gasification technology worldwide;

* Promoting transportation of energy resources in the U.S;

* Representing interstate natural gas pipelines in North America;

* Advancing public understanding of the safety and benefits of cleaning products, and protecting the ability to formulate products that best meet consumer needs;

* Providing proprietary advanced Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology to federal, state and local agencies.